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Larry Bates Defense Discounts Victims Stories As Anecdotal

By Anne Trimble

One of the many ironic things about the court-ordered dismantling of Larry Bates' ill-gotten financial empire is that a frequent part of his legal defense was to dismiss as mere "anecdotes" the individual stories of victims created by the deceitful practices of his precious-metals firm, FAMC.

The painful truth of those little "stories" has added up to a cumulative judgment by precious-metals consumers around America that Bates and FAMC are "guilty" of not deserving to be in business at all. That's why Bates was in court in Memphis on Monday as his business and individual possessions entered into receivership.

And in time, those "anecdotes" also will come into play again as a court rules on the $80-million class-action suit brought against Bates and his company by many of the victims of their deceitful practices. Among other things, they materially shorted and delayed deliveries of lawfully ordered gold and silver, defrauding their customers out of a total of many hundreds of thousands of dollars.

To us, these aren't merely "stories" but the true accounts of actual people who were exploited in an evil way. We feel saddened by the number of people whom Bates cheated for many years. We directly assisted several of them understand just how he was cheating them. We guided some of them toward the lawful assistance they needed, and this eventually resulted in the class-action suit.

We are humbled that the Lord chose us to help deliver a form of earthly justice against this fraudulent man and company, who garnered so much of their business by masquerading under "Christian" principles.

Now, following Monday's court procedures, we are hearing many more "anecdotes" in the form of letters of thanks from those we had helped.

"Thanks for all your hard work!!!" read one testimonial that we have just received via e-mail. "You were 'anointed' for this. I luckily got my gold (assume it is gold) [from FAMC] and when I didn't get my silver order after years, they finally sent me a check with an increase as price had gone up. But I am [not sure] what I would have gotten had I actually gotten the silver."

The sad thing about these anecdotes is that even as his business was crumbling around him, Bates still managed to cull more victims. One man we just recently became aware of had actually waited over a year to obtain a check for an investment he had actually made. FAMC had the coins, however the man didn't get his $30,000 from Bates.

And now, sadly, it's looking like he probably never will. That's one more "anecdote" Bates can dismiss.

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Understanding Your Many Options For Home Security

By Sara Ezan

Everyday, you read about home invasions and burglaries that are disturbing. This may make you think about how secure your home really is. If you think your home needs additional security, you can learn more about it from this article. Read over this information to see what you can do to make your home more safe.

Do not leave your garage doors open, even if you are currently home. Burglars will try to get in through the garage, and if it is open, they can easily break through the door to your home. Use a keypad that requires a combination to allow access into your house.

You do not necessarily need an expensive home security system to protect your home. You can buy a dog. Dogs are great for home security. Not only will they protect your home while you are away, they are great additions to your family offering protection, companionship and additional security for your home.

You need to secure your garage if it is attached to your home. There is a solution for people that are worried about burglars going into their home through an attached garage. However, you can use a C-clamp to help keep the door secure.

Protect your valuables. Some common ways to do this are by storing them inside a safe-deposit box or storing them in a heavy home safe that's nearly impossible to move. Make sure the safe is fireproof. You can use a chiseled-out space in the very top of your door for smaller valuables. You can even create a hiding place in a acoustical ceiling by removing a tile and restoring it with something like magnetic fasteners. Make sure to avoid leaving fingerprints with this method.

Some wireless home security systems have additional features such as remote control of home systems. When both parents work full-time jobs, this system is convenient for checking on school-age children until they can get home. The system can also be used to lock and unlock doors and adjust the temperature level in the home.

If you have every been the victim of a robbery, you are likely to see the value of a home security system. Your peace of mind can take precedence over the expense of installing the system. Shop carefully to be sure you are getting the best system available at the best price.

Clean up that dirty garage and park your car in it. Parking your car in your garage can really help keep criminal activity at bay. First, your car will be less of a target than if it was sitting parked on the street. Second, it makes it tougher for criminals to track your daily activities.

Use exterior lights that have motion sensors. They turn on only if someone is nearby. Not only will they notify you of movement, they will also deter potential burglars, as thieves want to remain as inconspicuous as possible. Remember to keep working bulbs in them at all times.

Because so many people are numb to the sound of alarms, it is important that you have your home security system linked to the local police station. This is helpful in case you are home and can not call 911 yourself, or you are away from home during a break in.

Whenever you lose one key, you must replace that lock. You never know if you actually lost it or someone who knows where you live stole it, and this puts you in peril. Even if it is a key to your car, it is important to have the lock rekeyed or replaced for your safety.

The best lock for an external door is at least one inches and a throw deadbolt unit. These are nearly impossible to break into and ensure no one will be getting through your defenses. Interior doors don't need such locks as they're not open to the outside world, so you can use doorknob locks there.

Lock up your home, even if you are around. Many people think that their neighborhood is the safest out there. They'll leave their doors unlocked all day (and night long) without a second thought! This is inviting trouble. Make it a habit to lock those doors (and windows) even if you're home. It's probably the most important basic thing you can do for your family's overall safety.

Purchase fire extinguishers for every room in your house in the event of an emergency. Also, make sure that you train everyone in the home on its usage, so that everyone in the family is capable. Putting out a fire as it is in its early stages can help save your home.

Ask about a maintenance schedule for your home security system. Many companies offer this free of charge. A maintenance schedule allows a qualified technician to enter your home and make adjustments, improvements and upgrades to your existing system, as well as checking to make sure it is working correctly. Your system will not help you if it is not working, so this is important.

Put down a fence in your yard to secure the area that is yours and prevent burglars from coming in. Make sure that this fence is high enough so that it is very difficult for any robbers to get over it. This will add a strong layer of protection around the perimeter of your house.

You can increase your home security by updating your entry method. Key locks can only do so much for your doors. You can try a high tech addition in the form of a digital lock. Some digital locks use key cards, while other use fingerprints or even keypads. Any one of these options can be a viable security boost.

There is no point in investing in an alarm system which doesn't fully protect your home, of course. You need to have sensors in place on every single window and door to be sure no one can get inside. If you don't, you will be gambling with the fact that the burglar may not think of entering in the same way you expect them to.

By applying the information from this article, you can start making your home more secure for you and your family. Be aware of what is happening in your neighborhood, and never take your security for granted. If you take the necessary precautions, you can prevent your home from becoming the next target.

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Managing Your College Finals

By Franklin Skribbit

If You Are Facing A Career Change In Your Life Or Perhaps You Are Not Sure What You Would Like To Study Consider Nursing. The Benefits That Nurses Have In Their Careers Is Quite Astounding. Here Are The Top 10 Benefits Of Becoming A Nurse. 1. Nursing Is In High Demand Despite The Slow Economy. Rn's Are Sought For Both Within And Outside The U.S. And The Demand For Nurses Will Continue To Grow As The Baby Boomer Population Ages Overall. This Provides You With Job Stability. It Also Allows You To Work Almost Anywhere Since The Demand Is So Great.

Become a Better

Time is a very valuable commodity and it is the once thing that we all share equally. Individuals vary in what they choose to do with their time and how much they can accomplish during the time they are given. Depending on who you are as an individual you may require more time when it comes to studying and you need to allocate your time according to your goals. Some classes are more important than others. Perhaps you need a good grade in a class as part of your program. Perhaps you need to spend some time on easier classes to get A's to boost your GPA. Understand your priorities and list your classes in order.

Build Your Network

The first part of this principle requires you to look through the material you need to study and about how long it will take you to master the material. You gain this skill through experience but it is still useful to estimate as a freshman. Now that you know how long it will take schedule your finals and the amount of time you will spend for each class. Most likely you will not be able to spend as much time as you would like. This is the part where your priorities are important. Spend more time with the valuable classes rather than spreading your time equally among them.

6. There is demand for nursing in a variety of venues that include health clubs, nurse agencies, hospitals, or the military. You have your choice when it comes to what type of environment you want to work in.

Make Life Decisions

8. Scheduling is flexible as nurses can sign for desired shifts that range between 4 to 12 hours a day. This accommodates for other side jobs, their family, or education opportunities.

Make sure that you sleep well the night before and eat in the morning. You definitely do not want hunger cravings in the middle of your test. Plan to arrive early at the testing center, or get up early and on the computer for your online test. This helps you avoid any unseen problems in travel or software and avoids and pre-test stress. Spend twenty minutes skimming over the material you have been studying to make it top of mind.

10. Your abilities can be applied outside work. You will be able to understand and better care for you family and friends in a way that many in other professions never could.

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Essential Things To Do Before And After Spreading On Sun Labs Dark Sunsation Lotion

By Haywood Hunter

Many count on Sun Labs Dark Sunsation when it comes to having an indoor tan. It's perfect for fair-skinned individuals who want a lovely sun-kissed glow safely. The product is also being used by those born with naturally olive skin but want to have it intensified.

Sun Labs Dark Sunsation lotion contains adequate dihydroxyacetone or DHA to give you a fake suntan rich enough to catch everyone's fancy. Included dyes cause skin darkening on the spot. DHA's effect becomes visible 3 hours after the application. Expect for the golden brown tone produced to continue to darken for the next 24 to 72 hours.

There are certain things you need to carry out before and after you reach for that Sun Labs Dark Sunsation bottle. They allow you to sport a fake suntan that looks just as great as the real thing. Doing them also makes the gorgeous color generated by Sun Labs Dark Sunsation tanner stick around for about a week, gradually disappearing from view.

Your skin has to be prepared for the application of Sun Labs Dark Sunsation. Exfoliate it while in the shower to remove excessive amounts of dead cells. DHA in the indoor tanning product darkens that layer of dead cells sitting on the top of your skin. To make the chemical produce a realistic and even golden brown color, it has to be applied on a smooth surface.

Using Sun Labs Dark Sunsation lotion on unshaven skin is a bad idea. The solution is likely to gather around hair strands and this may lead to an outcome with visible blotches. On the same day that you are intending to grab that bottle of Sun Labs Dark Sunsation, shave the skin. This also provides additional exfoliating benefit for an impressive fake suntan.

See to it that the skin is completely dry before you start applying Sun Labs Dark Sunsation lotion. Refrain from using any cosmetic product that coats the skin with a film of oil or any other chemical. Otherwise, DHA may not be able to complete its job. However, do apply some moisturizer on the knees and elbows beforehand to prevent it from ending up darker than the rest of your body. Wear plastic or latex gloves to save the palms of your hands from absorbing DHA and ending up stained.

Allow Sun Labs Dark Sunsation lotion to completely dry before putting back your clothes on. Refrain from showering for the next 6 to 8 hours. Also, steer clear of any physical activity that can cause you to perspire during the given time period.

The moment the effect of your Sun Labs Dark Sunsation becomes evident, regularly apply your everyday moisturizing lotion. This helps make the fabulous golden brown color last for about a week. When stepping foot outside the home particularly during daytime, be sure to use sunscreen with a rating of not less than SPF 15 to save your skin from UV radiation.

When the color produced by Sun Labs Dark Sunsation starts to fade, exfoliate in the shower once more. This helps even out the tan as it gradually lightens. Because the tanner is gentle on the skin, you may reapply it to intensify the fake suntan.

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Use The Best Atlanta Roofing Experts

By Andrew B. Spates

When it comes to developments these days there are many new building s going up all over the place. This is generally good news and means that there are still many people investing in buildings and family homes. When it comes to building a new place, you have to take a lot into consideration. One should consider getting in a good Atlanta roofing company when the time comes as this is one of the most important part of any structure.

Irrespective of what you are looking to build, you will most likely have some ideas in mind. The best thing to do in this case is to consult with an architect to do some designs for you as to your ideas. This is important and also very gratifying when you see what they have to offer once the drawings have been done and they present you with what your end result will look like.

Once you have chosen the design, you would then be able to take these to a draftsman who will then go ahead and do the planning for the building plans. These folks are simply invaluable as they will see to everything pertaining to the plans needed for a building contractor. They also do all the council approvals for you and ensure that your plans are up to standard to be built.

In order to do this you would have to look around for the most reputable one in the business. There many be a few to choose from so you would have to compare the prices and what they have to offer in terms of quality and standards. You must make sure that whoever you employ is going to build according to standard regulations.

The contractors will then come in and begin to clear the land of all the debris and then begin to dig the foundations for your structure. The building inspector would have to be commissioned in order to check that the foundations are up to standard. This is very important and one needs to make sure that it is done well.

Once building of the structure begins, it will go quite quickly and before long it will be time to put on the roof. For this you will have to bring in a specialist contractor who does these professionally and up to standard. The roof company that you employ will have to be the best in town and you would have to ensure that the job is done to standard.

Once the walls and the interior has gone up, it will be time to call in the best Atlanta roofing business in the business. This is important as this is the most important part of any building. One should take great care when employing a roof contractor as this is vital.

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Motivational Quotes About Life To Help You Battle Life's Challenges

By Eric L. Miller

Life's challenges are not supposed to paralyze you; they're supposed to help you discover who you are." Aptly observed by Bernice Johnson Reagon. Quotes like these hold more than a grain of truth and wisdom for people who find it difficult to battle life's daily challenges.
[Quotes about Life]

Battling with life's challenges entails that a person keep himself refrain from negative thoughts and actively engage in positive state of mind. Positive thoughts, in tough time, can magically effect on the way you respond to your problems. Being in positive thinking, helps you keep yourself focused on solutions rather than the problem. Below is a compilation of some extremely motivational life quotes which can help raise spirits and inject enthusiasm to cope with challenging life situations.

"Our truest life is when we are in dreams awake." Dreams give us a vision to work on. A person without dreams is as good as animal. So the best in life comes when you watch big dreams with open eyes. Dreams keep us inspired. All the big achievers of world are big dreamer. They dream and work hard to convert them into reality."Impossible is a word to be found only in the dictionary of fools."Nothing is impossible. Every task needs passion, positive energy and will power. Long time ago, nobody could have thought of airplane, but today it is truth. We can fly in air. So impossible is nothing. We have reached to moon. We all have all the powers of doing anything we wish for. We just need to wake up and motivate ourselves to realize our hidden qualities.

"Our greatest glory is not in never falling but in rising every time you fall." -Anonymous Failure and success is the part of life. Many people give up after facing failure. They should not do it. You must get up and try again with your double level of energy, because you have gained more experience. Never forget that the failures are the pillar of success.

So do your best to achieve the best with motivational short quotes. Life is great teacher. Learn from it and be a real winner.As a man thinks in his heart, so is he. A man's thoughts are the most powerful force that direct his life. The circumstances that you go through may not influence your life as much as what you think about them. Some people might go through very trying periods in their lives and still come out smiling. Others might have a relatively superior life and still be down in the dumps in their spirit. What we think is more important than what we go through.

Since there is increased demand for insurance services, many companies compete with each other to offer the best online life insurance quotes. Potential policyholders would act wisely by weighing all the options before purchasing any policies. First of all, clients should look through popular search engines, so that they find instant quotes. After taking the first step, they should fill in an application form, with personal details such as marital status, age, lifestyle activities, general health information and hobbies. All these are essential for the insurance service provider to determine the risk of insuring an individual.

Knowledge is the accumulation of facts, whereas wisdom is the ability to apply that knowledge to real life situations. Philosophers and the great men and women of old have given us words of wisdom that we can use to handle life's challenges that confront us. Their quotes about life can educate, motivate and equip us to live our lives successfully.All of us need motivation. When we face tough situations in life, we can get discouraged quite easily. But as the saying goes, 'when the going gets tough, the tough get going'. It is possible to get tough on the inside by receiving motivation from great minds.Just as a person who has traveled before of us on the highway can inform us about road blocks or traffic diversions ahead, people who have traveled through life before us have left us with words of wisdom that can help us live our lives successfully.

All through human history, leaders and common men alike have made Quotes. Quotes that so often; have inspired other human beings to perform great acts; heroic and noble. These Quotes about Life have been a source of inspiration to so many through times that; one can only marvel at the great minds through which they have been manifested. These quotes of truth, honesty, passion, and humility have made for a better world if not anything more. Be it the likes of the benevolent Mahatma Gandhi or Nobel Literates Such as Barrack Obama. Quotes about life have inspired so many; to do great things, and bring change. And then these men have also made Quotes about life which will result in a better tomorrow for our children.

"Some people make your life better by walking into it while other people make your life better by simply walking out of it."This quote can refer to friends and frenemies. Friends can make our life better because they can offer comforting words and wise criticism. Frenemies are friends that can't be trusted. They belong to the same circle of friends. They say words that bring you down. Having them walk out of your life can make life better."Good things come in good time."Be patient and never lose hope. If you are expecting something, do not force it to happen. Outcomes may not be so great if you force it. Remember that patience is a virtue. Wait for the right time and everything will come as expected.

Consequently, these Quotes about life also remind us of what we have forgotten. To live life in a simple way. As French philosopher and scholar Jean Jacques Rousseau once said "All beings live long when they live in their natural states." Or simply, we can survive better if we live in a more environmentally friendly manner or a manner which is in a state of equilibrium with nature and its resources.Human Life is like a river and Human Beings the Boat, and Quotes about life are the fisherman/captains which help the boat cross this river with minimum difficulty. So positive is the influence of these quotes on life that when we follow the footsteps of great leaders, pioneers, and visionaries we seem to find the quotes and the message's they provide very influential in them making the right decisions. This is also the case for a common man who seldom gets excited, and yet makes a difference in life, whilst following the message these Quotes about life provide. And this is all that matters. To be inspired and do something good; for ourselves and our fellow human beings.

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Find Out Powerful Weight Loss Strategies To Appearance Your Very Best

By Daniel Will

Do you possess a desire for slimming down? If you have, reading through this post is an effective first step. Training is key to shedding that extra weight and maintaining ) the targets you questioned yourself to attain. So take a moment and begin learning.

In order to still eat your preferred meals and slim down, try to find and eat the reduced caloric or decrease body fat versions. Hunger and urges for distinct food products trigger many individuals to abandon their dietary plan plans. By eating reduced calorie renditions of your own fave meals, you'll nevertheless enjoy them but with no guilt.

It is possible to strategy your weight loss very easily by studying the arithmetic. You can find 3,500 energy inside a pound of excess fat. Consequently, if you wish to drop a pound through your physique, you only need to consume 3500 unhealthy calories lower than you employ. A convenient method to split this downward is into 500 calorie amounts, and try to use 500 calorie consumption much more everyday than you take in. This can help you drop a pound every week.

Having with someone else can help you to lessen the amount that you simply eat. You may be more prone to eat everything before you when you eat by yourself.

If you've just recently plateaued with your weight loss, then you may have to boost your workout high intensity. Unless you boost the concentration of your exercises, your whole body will struggle to preserve its preliminary rate of

An incredible hint in slimming down is to stay busy so you will not have a lot of time contemplating meals. In case you have nothing to do, you consider consuming food and hunger for a goody, even though it's an activity to perform. When you stay occupied, this may not happen.

There are a lot of diet plans available on the market that can not help you get the outcome that you want. Agree to a fitness system, whether it be jogging with a buddy or enrolling in a fitness center. Any diet plan you are doing should be together with suitable workout. Routine workouts will burn off a larger volume of calorie consumption than you really take in.

If you are eating when you find yourself resting all around, you may pack on excess weight. Paying attention to the nutrients and the body fat and calories content of your food intake can help you lose weight. Recognize how a lot you will be consuming at every sitting and you will definitely get you may consume less.

Pre-planning some meals can aid you in your attempting for healthier ingesting. This will aid stop you from generating allergy dish judgements that will not be healthful. Of course, planned foods are only helpful in the event you adhere to your plan. You can swap the days around based your decision, but tend not to replace junk food for meals that you do not have time for you to get prepared for. Actually cooking food can help to lose weight.

Omelets are excellent to eat in breakfast. Prepare your omelet with lots of toned various meats or vegetables this can ensure that you are becoming ample nutrition in your daily diet. Also, you will end up gaining far more fibers, that will curtail your desire for food.

Get a pedometer to check how far you go walking per day. A pedometer is normally put on clipped to your buckle or waistband and will keep a record of the quantity of techniques you practice. You can keep track of the amount of techniques you are taking each day using a pedometer. An effective objective is strolling ten thousand techniques everyday. If you aren't strolling very much, you need to boost your techniques.

Should you be someone who seems to put on excess weight rapidly, you ought to avoid likely to buffets. Some eating places offer you unrestricted food to get a established cost, and you will attempt to information you to ultimately get the money's worth. Unnecessary eating is not going to support your unwanted weight loss desired goals, and it also affects your state of health in several ways.

A vital initial step in achieving is knowing what issues do and don't assistance with your weight damage. Often individuals trying to get rid of some kilos take part in behaviours which can be kitchen counter effective on their objective of slimming down. Now that you're aware of particular weight loss tips, get started seeking them out.

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