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Student-Created Murals Bring Jewish Learning to Life in an Exciting, Collaborative, and Creative Way

By Jennifer Levine

Educators in Jewish schools frequently wonder:

- How can our students work together in a supportive, caring way?
- How can we teach Jewish values in new, distinctive, and engaging ways?
- How can students of different abilities and learning styles share their strengths?
- How can we enhance our students' creativity?

Student-created murals provide unexpected and wonderful answers to these questions by providing the following benefits:

A positive learning environment - Mural projects motivate youngsters. Children intuitively know that they will be moving their bodies, using their minds, and working together. These are all natural ways for kids to learn. In addition to creating lots of enthusiasm, a mural project also provides a stress-free space for students to take risks. Mural projects offer constant opportunities for success and help to strengthen students' self-esteem and self-confidence.

Peaceful interactions and community building - Most synagogue-based Hebrew/religious schools' curriculum are designed as a progressive ascent to becoming a Bar/Bat Mitzvah. Sometimes this Hebrew/religious school journey parallels a student's secular educational experience, where grades are given as signs of success.

With mural projects, the focus is changed to a group accomplishment. Students work in teams to brainstorm themes, sketch designs, and paint together. This kind of interaction may be one of the few times that students have worked in such a collaborative and cooperative fashion. Also, utilizing the arts as a vehicle for learning was frequently a new experience for many students. The process is liberating, healing, empowering, and inspiring. It offers students a real life experience that demonstrates the power of community and teamwork to reach a shared goal.

Talking and doing, a powerful combination - Both the content and process of mural-making supports Jewish educational curricular goals. For example, at Barnert Temple in Franklin Lakes, NJ, students explored the idea "Mitzvah Goreret Mitzvah" (one good deed leads to another) in hevruta, or pairs. They talked about the idea that when others are kind to them, they in turn pay it forward and are kind to others. Creating a visual representation on the mural of what "Mitzvah Goreret Mitzvah" meant to them made the lesson meaningful, powerful, and enduring.

Inclusiveness - Many students can participate in the numerous steps that are involved in a mural's creation and completion. Younger children enjoy drawing images and painting them in. Older children embrace the sophisticated concepts of composition, color mixing, and theme development. Parents and community members happily lend a hand.

Students with ADHD and other learning challenges also flourish, since the mural requires a variety of skills that do not characteristically occur a typical classroom setting.

Unleashed creativity - Mural projects allow for students and adults to claim or reclaim their creative spirits. Their eagerness to contribute to the mural is kindled, fostered, and supported.

Community pride - A large, prominently displayed, and permanent mural in a synagogue-based Hebrew/religious school or Jewish day school fosters a tremendous sense of pride among students, parents, staff, and administrators, and acts as a daily reminder of a school's core beliefs.

By introducing a mural project into their curriculum, teachers in a Jewish day school or a synagogue-based Hebrew/religious school can share an exciting, imaginative, and dynamic approach to teaching Jewish values. Students connect with this sort of a project in an enthusiastic, energetic, and highly focused manner. When Jewish values are taught through a variety of processes (such as discussion, collaboration, sketching, and painting) a deeper understanding is attained.

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How To Know The Mobile Home Skirting Pricing

By Lucia Weeks

There are a lot of advantages when you own a mobile home. Aside from that fact that you can purchase it for a smaller fraction of the traditional price of a home, you can also style it the way you desire. One particular area where you can put on all your creativity efforts is in the space between the house and the ground.

And if you want to improve the look of your home, there are several things that you can add. One would be a skirt around the space when your house does not touch the ground. Aside from the design benefits, it also serves a good practical function. One important thing that you have to know beforehand is the mobile home skirting pricing.

There are various things that you can benefit from a well installed skirt. One of this is the fact that you can save more on the air conditioning if the spaces are tightly sealed. And it would help you in protecting the plumbing system by getting badgered by animals that might come in if there is no fence around it.

One of the few things that you must do before you start the installation process is getting the right measurement of the height and the width. It is advised that you give an allowance of two inches for the height so that you when you make mistakes, it would be easier to adjust accordingly.

Another feature that you should not forget to incorporate is the access doors. This will allow you entry when you feel that there are issues in the plumbing or the wires. And the vents must be place strategically as well. It is important to have a way for the air to escape and not create moisture inside which can cause for the pipes to rust.

The expenditure that you will have to deal with would depend a lot on the type of material you will use for the skirting. There are those that can be really cheap but you also have that you see to it that it is of high quality. And if you opt to go for a professional service, you can expect that you would be paying more.

One of the cheapest option available are the vinyl skirts. This is usually the go to material of most households. It is also durable and has a lighter weight compared to other materials. This makes it easier for you to install it in case you want to do it on your own. It is also weather resistant so you can be sure that you would not have to reinstall for the coming years.

If you want to give a little more character to the design, you can make use of old bricks and blocks. It will really look good underneath your home. Aside from that, you will surely be confident with the durability of the skirt. But in installing this, you need to give set your schedule for it because it will take time before it will be fully set up.

There are others who make use of picket wood for the as a skirt. If you think that it is only applicable as a fence, then you are hugely mistaken. There are others who have been creative enough to incorporate various designs to the picket fences. Aside from that, it is also weather resistant and not like any other material.

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How To Choose The Right Swimming Pool Contractors Fresno CA

By Lucia Weeks

Having a swimming pool in your backyard can be a very good idea. This is because swimming is one of the best ways to relax after a long and tiresome day in the office. On the other hand, choosing a reliable contractor is mandatory if you want your pool constructed to the recommended standards. This means that you must do a good job in finding the right contractor. For the best professional swimming pool contractors Fresno CA residents may search locally or online.

There are several aspects to look at before hiring a pool builder in Fresno CA. The surest way of finding a competent contractor for your facility is by seeking recommendations from within your network. If you find people who have used the services of such providers in the past, they may recommend the same contractor to you. However, they will only suggest the professionals if they were satisfied with their services. This is why it is important to talk to reliable people like close friends, relatives and neighbors.

The global Internet is another major platform for one to find such types of jobs. Companies that are well established have gone a step ahead to create websites that they use to advertise their products. Frequent visiting of the sites helps one understand how they work and operate. The designs and styles used are also included in the plan.

Planning how you can meet with the respective contractors someone might have come across during the search is of great importance. Interrogation is the main aim of meeting such kinds of personnel to get the desired kind of information one needs to have. Calling the people to know the ones ready for interrogation is of great help. The available list should help one chose the rights kinds of people.

Once you have scheduled appointments with cooperative contractors, it is wise for you to come up with a list of questions. These questions go a long way in helping you interview the providers. Among the things you will be asking, do not forget to ask about their level of experience, certificates and qualifications. In addition, ask about their styles of constructing swimming pools. The interviews will give you an opportunity to select your contractor of choice.

When looking for somebody who is qualified, go for the one who is experienced. If your choice is a company, take the one who has over 10 years experience. Try as much as possible to avoid the one who is new in the business. This is due to lack of experience in operating the industry

Insurance and license are very important when looking to hire a service provider. They should have a valid license that permits them to work in your area. Insist on seeing the license to verify its authenticity. During pool construction, damage may occur to property, or even personal injuries. They should have insurance that covers all that. You can even call the insurance company to ask if they will pay in case of eventualities.

Customer references will give you an overview of the services offered by your prospective provider. Therefore, ask for an updated list of their previous clients. A contractor who is unwilling to give referrals cannot be trusted to give quality services.

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The Thermal Benefits Of Custom Copper Work

By Lucia Weeks

Inasmuch as the agency is focused on rendering standard plans, they are definitely continuously fixing their product handling strategies to help you to increase significance. And as a result, in addition they strive to be more innovative than their peers by providing stronger and consequently sensible facilities. If your company requires custom copper work greenville sc roofing contractors are the best.

Dealing with the rest is a two pronged method wherein they supply supplementary worth such that the competing firms bother about them without the necessity to be worried about these people.Along side worth, just about the most important things of their programs is time.

As the retailer is focused on dispensing outstanding amenities, they are definitely continuously boosting their service implementation processes for you to increase merit. Consequently, in addition they really need to be superior to their competitors by rendering nicer and as a consequence relevant resources. Conquering the competition is a two pronged system by which they supply a little more benefit such that the opponent stress over them rather than being forced to value these folks.

Aside from quality, among the most key elements of their facilities is your time. By creating their conveniences promptly, they are able to treat their buyers yet at the same time having to pay lesser obligations. Discounting the expense of business expenses has an influence on the bottom-line and practitioners may be able to suggest critical premiums to those they serve. If you are searching for these types of services, in that case they may be the users to speak to.

With their enthusiastic viewpoints, they warrant eventual profits or even customer enjoyment. As they definitely genuinely run their functions, they stop complaints and even trade with their materials in any mission. This isolated point of view is certainly unbeatable opposition to their competitors. Ensuring growth at an easily affordable rate is the best way to mesmerize the customers and even surpass his specifications. You will not feel sorry about joining these folks or possibly conveying whichever appropriate task to the responsible practitioners.

Aside from caliber, the foremost key elements of their resources are time. By giving you their assistance without delay, they are capable to accommodate account holders before saving on a smaller quantity of bills. Remedying the cost of related expenditures has an effect on the bottom-line because pros will be able to tender competitive price tags to their clientele. If you would like for those expertise, thus they are the individuals to consult with.

Business positioning is a required part of this profession. By juxtaposing their agencies in preferable zones, they may be competent to provide conveniences immediately. The franchising scheme has facilitated the companies to deliver benefits in varieties of countries but they are developing by setting up completely new centers. Even when they face uncertainties in standardizing their program across the globe, the ability to backup management in several areas of the world will show how stable they might be as a brand name.

Given that the retailer is focused on giving you superior quality programs, they will be always working on their infrastructure implementation behaviors with a purpose to add more importance. Therefore, in addition they will be superior to their rivalry by delivering more advantageous or even effective services.

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Find Out How A Columbus Recording Studio Can Help Your Musical Career

By Clare Buckalew

When fledgling musicians are trying to get their careers off the ground, they should seek professional assistance in a variety of areas. By tracking down a quality Columbus video production company, individuals can pursue their careers without a pause. Professionals can help their clients work out the details.

The acoustics within such a studio will be stellar. People can expect their vocals to sound good. If they are a bit unsure of how to proceed with their recording, they can always ask studio technicians for help. With luck, the process should run smoothly from beginning to end.

Well-crafted studios will ultimately allow musicians of all stripes to record songs. Whether men and women play guitar, piano, or saxophone, they can expect their instruments to sound wonderful. Saxophones are usually reserved for jazzy performances and might work well with blues bands.

Technicians can organize the studio so that it is ready for the upcoming session. In fact, individuals who will be heading to their first session can expect the professionals to take care of all the details. If microphones need to be tweaked or soundboards moved, these will be taken care of.

Young people who are eager to start their recording careers will surely want as much help as they can get. Armed with a music video and perhaps a beginner's recording contract, individuals can begin pursuing their dreams. Publicity will give them a better chance of meeting with success.

In the end, people should look for a production company that values its clients. When this is done, the process can move forward smoothly. Fledgling artists can create music videos that they'll surely be happy with. With dedication, they'll go on to wonderful careers in the industry in the months and years down the road.

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Things To Consider When Buying Your Best Oil Painting Reproductions

By Misty Tyler

There is something great about paintings that make them beautiful ornaments in our living rooms. If before only people of high social status can afford to buy a painting, now the product is made so commercial that anyone who has the idea of what he wants, and who can pay for an artist can have it.

One of the most popular picks when it comes to house and office ornaments are the paintings. Aside from the natural glamour and class that they present, there is also an air of mystery but at the same time beauty that the art manifests. You do not even need to buy the original one to get the best appeal. With the best oil painting reproductions available in the market, you can always have a Mona Lisa painted and displayed in your place.

But before you go ahead and make your purchase, you have to be well versed as to the things you have to consider. You cannot just buy anything just because it looks good to you. You have to make sure that they are indeed of good quality despite being a replica of the original art. Here are the things you should include on your list.

Canvas type. Many good paintings are done using a cloth against a surface which is just covered with a special type of glue to achieve the same feel like that of the original one. This can be a viable option. But you can always go for those shops who do their reproductions on top quality canvas which are manufactured from countries who have long history and experience in art like Italy and England. A good choice of canvas means a more durable art.

Size of the material. Depending on the size of the area where you want to place the painting, you may have to request the shop to make a smaller version of the original one. This is fine. But if you want to get a picture of the full details of the painting in its full grandeur, then opting to have the original size of it is better.

Process used. By process, we mean hand painting. Now that the digital world has offer us easier means to print and designs photos, replicating an image digitally is also made easier. You do not want this. Reproducing an image electronically will not have a similar effect to the one that is made using quality oil points. Before you buy, make it a point to ask the retailer the process by which it is made.

Final appearance as compared to the original. Rather than randomly picking a painting you see on stores. It is best if you do your research in advance. Doing so will give you more information like the original painter and the story behind the image. Also, it will be easy for you to recognize whether or not the replica being sold out looks exactly the same as the original one. Consider bringing a clear printed copy of your choice.

Price of the art. Different art have different prices. The image which uses many colors will naturally cost more than that which only employs two. Also, factors such as the size and type of canvas will matter in the pricing. Keep these things in mind along with how much you are willing to spend and work along its range.

Know your options and start your search from it. If you need help in the selection, refer to your family members or your closest friends. It always pays to hear the honest opinion of others.

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Details On Small Business Tax Preparation

By Misty Tyler

If you desire to know more about this procedure, then you will just have to allow this article to guide your way. By doing so, you will put all of your worries away. That is because you can be confident that you can make it through and that you will not be creating any mistakes along the way.

First, if you do not have a CPA yet, then look for one in the soonest time possible. If you will perform that step, then you can already begin with your small business tax preparation Mesa AZ. When that occurs, then you will truly be on schedule and you simply could not ask for anything more.

Second, you would have to know the deductions that would apply to your business. If you would conduct a research on that, then you would not look stupid in front of the accountant whom you have hired in the first place. You would be able to keep up with the conversation and that would be very beneficial to you.

Third, if you lack a tax diary, then find a way that you can start with that thing. Actually, this task can be a piece of cake for you. You can even perform this in a notebook that is large enough to contain your figures. If you already have that kind of material, then scribble those numbers once by one.

If you are willing to take all the legal steps for your business, then so be it. In that method, you will not be questioned by the cops all the time. You will have peace of mind and that is something that you deserve at this point in your life. So, be in the right process since that is for your own sake as an owner.

You would need to keep all of your papers intact. If not, then you are the only one who would suffer from your carelessness in the end. You would be spending the whole day just to look for that one paper that you need and that would no doubt be a complete waste of your time.

If you have already figures out your payment plan, then that is good news for you. Just tie up those loose ends for you to have a worry free operation. That is how you should be doing things in here.

Have a stable client with a stable source of income. That is the secret formula that you will have to follow in this stage. If you already have a long time customer, then that will be the perfect set up for you.

Overall, you would just have to be very strict in Mesa AZ. Allow your accountant to work his magic. So, get to work with the best and you would not be encountering any problems along the way. Your empire would surely be able to survive in the industry that you have chosen for yourself.

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