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Visitors And Residents Alike Fall In Love With Tampa Florida

Visitors And Residents Alike Fall In Love With Tampa Florida

By Jony Mozen

Many people work all their lives so that they are able to settle down and retire in a beautiful place where they can enjoy the rest of their lives. Ones such place whether one is retiring or not is Tampa Florida. It is near the Gulf of Mexico and the last survey that was taken in 2011 there were over three hundred and forty six million people living there.

With the international airport and the sea ports close by this place is easily accessible and one of the most popular places that many visit in Florida. The total area is one hundred and twelve square miles of land and about fifty eight square miles of water. The highest point about the sea is only fifteen metres and this City is in-between two bodies of water.

Ben T. Davis beach has beautiful views of the bay where many go to relax and enjoy the sun. There are shelters so as to keep the sun off those that would prefer as well as grills, picnic places and restrooms. There is also a Concession and to ensure the safety of all swimmers there are lifeguards on duty from Memorial Day through to Labor Day.

The food is really great from traditional fare to international gastro pubs as well as farm to table cuisine and food trucks. There is something for everyone whether one has a spicy liking to a plain tasting. There are restaurants all over and the waiters are all very friendly and will always enquire if the food is to ones liking.

The Ybor City District has a few buildings on the National Register of Historic Places and many have been declared National Historic Landmarks. Many of these buildings and clubs were built in the early nineteen hundreds. Another place many skate boarders love to visit is the Bro Bowl. It was built in the nineteen seventies during the Golden Era and is the last one of its kind.

Another place to visit is the Cypress Point Park. It is only about a fifteen minute drive from Ybor and entrance is free. There are paved jogging or walking trails as well as an eighteen hole golf course. Their restrooms are clean and have showers and changing rooms and another nice thing is that there are water fountains inside as well.

Hillsborough is one of the original parks and was created in 1938. The river is known to have a few small rapids. Also in the park is the Fort Foster which was built in the middle eighteen hundreds during the Second Seminole war. Tours are taken to the fort on certain weekends and there are many artefacts on display.

In the parks one will be able to spot Red Shouldered Hawks as well as Sandhill Cranes and some Alligators. On the walks there is a suspension bridge and beautifully kept walkways next to the river. Many people love to paddle down the river to see the lush surroundings.

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